Call for Session Proposals


Call for Forums and Workshops Proposals

You are kindly invited to submit a proposal for a forum or a workshop to the INTECOL 2017 Beijing. All presenters are invited by the session organizer basically.
Forums and workshops will be held during the congress typically with a maximum length of 1 day, and require at least 8 registered presenters.

The format of proposals:
Organizations (optional)
Principal Organizer and Co-organizers (Names, affiliations)
Description of the forum or workshop: Background information, objectives, importance, and interest to the congress participants, better within 200-300 words.
Speakers (Names, affiliations, and tentative titles)
Full information of the proposal contact person (Name, institution or affiliation, address, phone, fax, e-mail)

The deadline for Forum and Workshop proposal submission is April.1, 2017. Please send your proposal to and The congress organizers will evaluate the proposals and participants will need to submit abstracts afterwards.


Call for Symposia Proposals

All prospective participants are invited to submit a proposal for a symposium that fits within one of the twelve thematic topics below. Each symposium should have 8 to 10 speakers (15 min. presentations plus 5 min. discussions). 
● Ecosystem services and management
Global climate change and ecosystem adaptation
Urbanization and regional environmental change
Biogeochemical cycling and ecosystem health
Ecological degradation and ecosystem restoration
Environmental stress and biodiversity conservation
Industrial ecology and green economy
Molecular ecology and evolution
Landscape pattern, process and sustainability
Ecohydrology and watershed management
Paleoecology, ecological dynamics and environmental assessment
Agroecology, sustainable agriculture and rural development

Please fill the SYMPOSIUM APPLICATION FORM and send it by email to &

Deadline for the submission of symposium proposals: November 1, 2016.

INTECOL 2017 Beijing Symposium Proposals Criteria