Visa Application


Visa Information & Invitation Letter

Visa requirements
All non-Chinese visitors require a visa to enter the People’s Republic of China. It is the responsibility of each participant to obtain a visa. For more detailed relevant information about the application process, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China: Early registration is advised so that adequate time can be allowed for visa application.

Important steps to remember

1.Participants are requested to make the application from their local Chinese Embassy or the nearest Consulate General. Visas can be obtained from embassy.
2.Plan on an interview at the embassy or consulate, which is required for most visa applicants. Some visa applications require additional administrative processing, which requires some additional time. Applicants are advised when they apply.

We suggest that you apply for the entry visa at least one month before your planned arrival. 

How can I get my visa to China?

There are two ways to obtain a Chinese visa:

The first is to register with the congress and pay the registration fee. After your invitation application form and a scanned copy of the passport are received, a formal or scanned copy of the invitation will be emailed to you to submit to the embassy or consulate along with your visa application.

The second is to ask a travel agent to arrange for a tourist visa.

When can I receive the formal invitation for obtaining the visa from the organizers?

As soon as we receive payment for your registration fee, the invitation will be sent to you within three to four weeks.

What is the length of validity of a Chinese visa?

A Chinese visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. Within 90 days, you can enter China. From the date of entry, you can stay in China for at most 30 days (the duration period is indicated on the visa) if the visa is still valid. If necessary, visas can also be extended for one month at the Foreigners Section of the Beijing Public Security Bureau.

How long is the duration period of a Chinese visa?

Generally, the duration period of a Chinese visa to attend a conference is about 15 days. Delegates who registered for a field trip and/or for a pre- or post- congress tour and need to extend their stay in China must send payment and complete visa information before April 1, 2017 (Beijing time). Alternatively, delegates can also apply for a tourist visa, which is good for 30 days.

When should I submit my application to the embassy/consulate to claim my visa?

Since a visa is valid for 90 days, you may start your application 90 days before your planned departure for China. We suggest that you apply for the entry visa at least one month before your planned arrival.

Can I go to any Chinese consulate general or embassy to apply for a visa?

First, you should make the application in your own country or in the country where you are a permanent resident.

If there is more than one Chinese diplomatic mission in your country, application must be made to the Chinese consulate that holds jurisdiction over your area of residence, otherwise a delay in processing or even denial of your application may result.

The letter of Invitation Request Form

For all the participants who require a letter of invitation from INTECOL 2017 Beijing to China, you can contact Conference Secretariat for assistance. Please CLICK HERE to fill in the form and send to the Conference Secretariat, email:, the passport photocopy, bio with photo should be attached. Upon receipt of the form and scanned copy of the passport, the organizers will send a formal invitation letter with three or four weeks.

Please note that the criterion is that you have made an online registration and paid the registration fee for INTECOL 2017 Beijing to be subjected for our visa support. All bank charges will be borne by the participant. Some situations are specified.

If you have any questions regarding invitation letter, please contact Miss Liu: