Excursions and City Tours


City Tours

City Tour 1: Beijing Hutong and Summer Palace

City Tour 2: Mutianyu Great Wall and “Bird Nest”

City Tour 3: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Wangfujing

City Tour 4: Beijing Zoo and Silk Street Market

How to Book Tours
Tours may only be booked through the official Congress registration system, please click button below to book your tour. The Congress Local PCO reserves the right to charge the correct amount for a tour if it is different from the total payment listed on the tour booking form.
●When booking a tour, the tour will be considered successfully booked only after your booking form has been signed and the tour has been paid in full.
Time of 4 city tours is half-day, all starting from 13:30 pm and ending at 18:00 pm during the period from 21/8/2017 to 24/8/2017.
INTECOL 2017 Beijing had contracted a tour agency, "Beijing Youth Travel Service CO., LTD." to manage the trips.
Tour Booking Procedure
Upon receipt of the Tour Booking Form with the appropriate payment, the Congress Local PCO will send a payment-received Confirmation to the registrant. If you do not receive a confirmation letter from the Congress Local PCO within four weeks after your booking, please contact the Congress Local PCO at aliceliu@healife.com.
Cancellation and Refund
Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Congress Local PCO at aliceliu@healife.com  before 30 June 2017.
The refund details are as follows:
If a notification of a cancellation is received on or before 30 June 2017: A full refund minus a 10% service fee will be charged for cancellations
If no notification or a notification of a cancellation is received after 30 June 2017: No refund will be given
Onsite Tour and Information Desk
The Tour and Information Desk will be located within China National Conventional Center and will be open during the registration period.
Tour Selections and Fees
If you would like read more about some of the tourist destinations listed in the tours below.

Please read carefully the following before booking tour:
300 RMB/per person, free for baby (within 2 years old).
The listed price is calculated according to 30 to 40 persons. Per group tour is no more than 40 persons. Rates are subject to change in a reasonable range. Below 30 persons, the tour group will be cancelled and the trip fee will be returned.
(Please note: If trip fee are paid by credit card or PayPal, it will be returned along the same route. If paid by wire transfer, five percent of the total trip fee will be charged by beneficiary bank when it’s returned. Full payment by credit card or PayPal is recommended)
The Beneficiary Bank charges are 5% of the total of trip fee for each transaction. Besides trip fee, please remit an extra 5% of the total of trip fee for Beneficiary Bank charges. Please know that this amount does not cover the charge imposes by the Applicant’s bank which you will have to bear.
Tour booking confirmation will be sent to the registrant before Aug 10th, 2017, indicating details of trip. (Please bring tour booking confirmation to the Tour and Information Desk during the INTECOL 2017 Beijing as a proof of your payment.)
Price Covers:
Air-conditioned bus, admission fee, English-speaking tour guide, fuel, expressway cost, parking cost, insurance
Price Excludes:
Hotel, meals, gratuities to guides and drivers, person expense.
China National Conventional Center as trip assembly point.
Final explanation right belongs to HEALIFE GROUP CO., LTD.